What is a Framework Agreement?

What is a framework agreement? A framework agreement is an ‘overarching contract agreement’ that sets out the terms and conditions under which individual contracts (call-offs) can be made throughout the period of the agreement (maximum of 4 years). How can I get onto a framework agreement? You can only join a framework when it is initially […]

How to Use an OJEU Notice to Win Contracts?

How to use the Official Journal of the European Union Journal (OJEU) Notice to Win Contracts We think it’s really important that you learn  how to read and understand the OJEU notice. In this instance, Notice means an Advert. Do you know that there is a difference between a Contract Award Notice and a Contract […]

Where to Find UK Contract Opportunities

Finding out where contracts are advertised is only the start of the journey. The road to winning a public sector contract is lined with hurdles you’ll have to get over.  Even the government acknowledges this. New legislation recognises the difficulties that small companies face when trying to apply for public contracts. You see, it’s not enough to […]


Let us help you take the mystery out of applying for public contracts be they with the NHS, local school or councils. Our easy to understand membership site will blow the cobwebs away and explain the tendering process to you in plain English. You may have some experience in tendering or be a complete novice. […]

News Flash! Tendering Opportunities June 2015

Market Engagement- Up Coming Tenders   Published Date Title Description Region 22/05/2015 3rd Sector provision of NHS funded Health Services in North West London Central London, Hammersmith & Fulham and West London CCGs recognise the value and benefit to be offered by 3rd sector organisations in the design and delivery of health care services to […]

What is PQQ -Procurement Jargon Busters?

What is PQQ?

The language of government contracting is often confusing. Our detailed jargon buster will help you understand what Pqqs and other procurement terms mean.

.Agent A person or organisation acting on behalf of the public sector authority i.e a Council.