Feb 2016 Current Opportunities UK (NHS, Councils, Government etc)

        Here are the latest tendering opportunities for UK Public Contracts.       To learn how to tender and bid for UK Public contracts click here:  http://bit.ly/winukch             Organisation Name Title Region Contact Email BRACKNELL FOREST COUNCIL Housing Related Support Service for Young Mothers South East […]

The latest NHS and Public Sector Framework Tendering Opportunities February 2016

          To learn how to Tender for Public Sector Contracts click here  .   Possible Framework Tendering Opportunities February 2016 Published Date Title Contact Email 22/01/2016 ESN – Acquire, Design and Build Infrastructure Framework (ADB) ESMCPSupplier@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk 11/02/2016 Tewkesbury Borough Employment Land and Economic Development Strategy Review procurement@tewkesbury.gov.uk 09/02/2016 (NU/1130) Provision of External […]

EU Thresholds 2016

Procurement Thresholds 2016 Goods Services and Works thresholds Goods/ Supplies Services Works Central Government Authorities £106,047 £106,047 £4,104,394 Sub-Central Authorities £164,176 £164,176 £4,104,394 To learn more about public sector tendering please click here.        

February 2016 Future Opportunities

Organisation Name Title Contact Email Norfolk And Norwich University Hospitals Nhs Foundation Trust Charitable Fund Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals Provision of Clinical Capacity Expansion Services nathan.stone@nnuh.nhs.uk CROWN COMMERCIAL SERVICE Systematic Maps david.kinrade@crowncommercial.gov.uk North Of England Commissioning Support Request for Information (RFI) Unscheduled, Urgent & Emergency ‘In Hours’ Dental Services within Durham, Darlington & Tees […]

Local Authority Spend England 2013-2014

  Source  https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/local-authority-revenue-expenditure-and-financing-england-2013-to-2014-individual-local-authority-data Net Current Expenditure Capital charges Net total cost (excl. specific revenue grants)  Revenue Account Budget 2013-2014 EDUCATION SERVICES 110 Early years 3,207,725 72,700 3,280,425 120 Primary schools 17,656,013 1,156,366 18,812,378 130 Secondary schools 10,903,598 924,617 11,828,215 140 Special schools 2,874,787 131,325 3,006,111 150 Services to young people and other community learners 1,396,619 […]

Future Opportunities July 2015

Published Date Title Description Region Contact Name Contact Email 22/05/2015 3rd Sector provision of NHS funded Health Services in North West London Central London, Hammersmith & Fulham and West London CCGs recognise the value and benefit to be offered by 3rd sector organisations in the design and delivery of health care services to local patients. […]

EU Thresholds 2015

Public Contracts Regulations 2015 The EU thresholds applicable from 1 January 2014 will continue to apply until the next revision, due on 1 January 2016.   Public Contracts Regulations 2015  Contract Type EU threshold UK threshold Supplies and Services (other than those listed at Schedule 3) Central Government Authorities (listed at Schedule 1) Sub-central Contracting […]

Local Authorities England Spend 2014

Source: https://www.lgbce.org.uk/records-and-resources/local-authorities-in-england Authority Name Total electorate at 17/2/2014 Number of Wards/ Divisions Council Size Electors per Councillor Area (Hectares) Adur 48,738 14 29 1,681 4,180 Allerdale 69,024 31 56 1,233 124,147 Amber Valley 99,316 23 45 2,207 26,539 Arun 112,326 26 56 2,006 22,101 Ashfield 87,877 15 33 2,663 10,956 Ashford 91,341 35 43 2,124 […]

2014 Non Ministerial Department Spend

  Non-Ministerial Departments  Total Expenditure Charity Commission for England and Wales £23,210,000 Crown Prosecution Service £552,000,000 Food Standards Agency £131,180,000 Forestry Commission £45,467,000 Government Actuary’s Department £15,490,000 Her Majesty’s Land Registry £246,176,000 National Archives, The £46,873,000 National Crime Agency £530,302,000 National Savings and Investments £200,142,000 Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills (OFSTED) […]

UK Central Government Spend 2014

UK Central Government Spend 2014 by Departments Department Total Expenditure  Cabinet Office £971,834,000 Department for Business, Innovation and Skills £9,743,756,524 Department for Communities and Local Government £1,200,633,000 Department for Culture, Media and Sport £2,650,618,754 Department for Education £127,195,000 Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs £1,548,131,426 Department for International Development £24,080,000 Department for Transport £268,099,900 […]